Rod Stewart Las Vegas Residency 2024

Rod Stewart‘s Grand Finale: A Legendary Farewell to Las Vegas.
The Curtain Call of an Icon. After a remarkable 13-year run, Rod Stewart, the venerable rock icon, is preparing to bid farewell to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. The British superstar has officially announced the final leg of his wildly successful show, “Rod Stewart – The Hits,” set to grace The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. This spectacular conclusion is scheduled for July and August of 2024, marking an end to a residency that has captivated audiences since 2011.


Rod Stewart's Grand Finale

Rod Stewart Las Vegas Residency 2024
Rod Stewart Las Vegas Residency 2024

A Milestone in Music: The closing series will feature four dates in July followed by three in August, with a monumental 200th performance on August 7. This milestone accentuates Stewart’s remarkable journey at The Colosseum, a venue he’s practically made his second home. The sheer number of shows is a testament to Stewart’s enduring appeal and the undying love his fans have for his music.

Vegas Through Stewart's Eyes

In a candid conversation with ABC Audio, Rod Stewart shared his affinity for performing in Vegas. “Well, I do get paid rather nicely, honestly,” he remarked with a hint of his trademark humor. Stewart didn’t stop praising The Colosseum, calling it “probably the best venue in the world to see your favorite rock star.” He highlighted the luxurious seating, top-notch sound quality, and the privilege of playing there. Stewart humorously noted the Vegas ethos of brevity in shows, jesting about being dragged off stage if one plays for more than ninety minutes.

Ticket Information

The Demand for a Legend: The anticipation and demand for Stewart’s shows reflect his legendary status in the music world. Ticket prices mirror this phenomenon, averaging around $195, ranging from $160 for standard seats to an eye-watering $4,714 for the ultimate fan experience. These VIP Packages are a hot commodity among Stewart’s global fan base, eager to witness the rock legend’s final bow in Sin City.

A Celebration of Music and Memories

Rod Stewart’s 2024 residency isn’t merely a series of concerts; it’s a celebration. Each performance promises to blend musical mastery, nostalgia, and unadulterated joy. Fans can expect nights filled with hits that have defined generations, delivered by a performer whose charisma and talent have remained undimmed by time.

As the final shows approach, Stewart’s residency stands as a beacon of what musical passion and dedication look like. It’s more than just a farewell; it’s a tribute to a career that has inspired millions and a reminder of the magic that happens when a rock legend takes the stage.